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 • building structure made up of concrete frames (pillars, walls and beams)
 POROTHERM masonry closings;
 • underground + aerial (in the street) parking places
 • natural rock (marble) and HPL TRESPA panels ventilated façade
 ITALIA granite and marble façade plates
 SYKON Aluminum carpentry
 • interior stairways, balustrades, sunshades and metal and stainless steel decorative units
 • natural rock interior plates (bottom covering, stairway, partially, sanitary facilities)
 • wall plating and gypsum cardboard distribution
 • cardboard gypsum and ARMSTRONG mineral fiber aerial ceiling
 QUATTRO raised technical bottom covering
 • ceiling air-conditioning installation (chiller + ducted fan coil + TRANE air treating station)
 DE DIETRICH condensation central heating
 PRISMA ILLUMINAZIONE exterior building illumination
 • interior illumination – ALMA fluorescent tube electronic ceiling lamps
 BTICINO, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC electrical installations
 GERMANIA, fire prevention systems (including technical bottom covering and aerial ceiling)

 • interior doors, garage roll + HORMANN automation (barrier, etc.)
 TORMAX automatic access door
 OTIS elevator

The heating system:

   • own imported gas station I.S.G.I.R homologated located in the basement and connected to
      the gas network from the street;

   • it disposes of caldrons, injectors, heat carrier forced circulation pumps;

   • it has a surface of 14.3 sq m and a clearance of approx. 2.40 m and it will be separated
      from the rest of the building by walls and concrete steel floor resistant to fire for at least
      three hours and respectively, for two hours;

The air-conditioning system:

   • chiller and distributor installation of floor ducted fan coil;

Fire resistance:

   • the construction is included in the degree III of fire resistance category of C importance
     (normal – regular), presenting low fire risk;

   • it disposes of fireproof doors in the entrance area and of load-bearing walls resistant to fire
      for 2 ½ hours in this area;

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